6 Fun Ways to Use Painter’s Tape

6 Fun Ways to Use Painter’s Tape

August 29, 2023

Sometimes, the simplest idea can create the most fun. Next time you’re stuck inside with nothing to do, try using an ordinary household item to create a multitude of games and activities.

We’ve put together a roundup of our favorite 6 activities using painter’s tape and a playful dash of ingenuity.


Everyone loves tic-tac-toe. And you can play again and again when you make a large playing board out of tape. Create two parallel horizontal lines and two parallel vertical lines that intersect. Use different colored bean bags or other household items to mark each player’s selection. Three in a row wins tic-tac-toe!

Spider Webs

Attach painter’s tape to the floor, sides, and top of a doorway, making sure that all points meet in the middle. Then, continue to weave a web by making circles inward toward the center until your web is complete. Crumble up some old pieces of newspaper, and throw the paper at the web to make it stick!

Pac-Man Hopscotch

Hopscotch is a traditional childhood game that everyone’s familiar with. For a fun indoor adaption, try using painter’s tape and a coin to create fun shapes like Pac-Man characters instead of rectangles. Toss a quarter, and hop through each ghost to make your way to the end!

Paper Airplane Bull’s-Eye

Using painter’s tape, create a small square. Around it, create another medium-size square. Around that, create one last larger square. Number each section (two 1s for the large square, two 2s for the middle square, and one 3 for the center square). To play, throw a paper plane at the squares, and collect points corresponding to where it lands. Whoever gets the most points, wins!


Whether you go with a speedway set for drag racing or a traditional race track loop, painter’s tape is a perfect medium to make a pathway for toy cars. Clear a spot on the floor, and use the tape to outline a roadway. Write the words “start” at one end and “finish” at the other. Grab your cars, start your engines, and race to the finish!

Astronaut Outlines

Shoot to the moon with this activity. Have kids lay down on the floor, and create their silhouettes using painter’s tape. Then, incorporate them into an outer space scene by adding elements like helmets, the moon, the sun, and stars.

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